Being Wrong as Opportunity

How Outliers see Possibilities, in What others Fear?

Main/Key Points:

  • What does it feel like to be wrong?
  • What hidden and self imposed limits do we place on our own capabilities to learn rapidly?
  • How can you utilise Ignorance as opportunity and get value for your efforts in terms of R.O.I (Return on Ignorance)?
  • Why does fear stop us from making progress and how understanding this can provide us with huge advantages?
  • What?s the ?Upside of being wrong? and how Outliers can quickly determine if something they hold as true is wrong they may be onto something extraordinary?
  • How perspective is crucial and can offer leverage to others as opposed to trying to convince/argue/persuade/manipulate?
  • Learning Outliers ? Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett spend most of their time reading, why?
  • Plus why Charlie Munger won?t offer his opinion unless he understands the other side of the argument better than his opponent? And why this really matters?

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