Outlier? Outlier360? ? Why? What? How?

Main/Key Points:


  • What makes an Outlier? and what role does the context in which people Learn and Grow play a crucial part of that process?
  • How can someone be an Outlier in one area and yet not transfer that to other contexts in their life.
  • Why blind Imitation is a key player in that process and how you can see this for yourself?
  • Outliers imitate in ways that give them small advantages? to start with, that then snowball into huge advantages?.
  • So why do Outliers excel in some areas but don?t seem to in others, and why not just transfer their excellence into other areas of their life?
  • Is Blind imitation something that may bring along with it some of the not so extraordinary?
  • Learning is at the core of all the great Outliers?
  • Richard Feynman and Thomas Eddison liked to figure things out, and how together we can figure it out too in this coming series of Podcasts?
  • With a 360 perspective?