OutlierStartup ? The Crucial Ingredient?

Understanding of what ones business really is,?and the ability to design a way it can develop?with little friction is absolutely crucial…

If that is not understood,?then no technology will save it…

?.and with a clear understanding of what is at the core,?it is often surprising how little,?and simple things/technologies are needed…

Most Startups fail to understand that one crucial component?

So, what are Startups missing???

It is a component that is present in every extraordinary organisation?

Even if organisations like Toyota has not spelled it out?
?or the US Marine Corps?
?or Ritz-Carlton?

They are at the core People Development Organisations?

They are OutlierLearning organisations?

This gives them advantages that other organisations do not even start to understand?

?or as Sun Tzu said in the Art of War

“All men can see the tactics
whereby I conquer,
but what none can see
is the strategy out of
which victory is evolved.”

Others see only the outside results?
?not what creates those results?

In the coming posts, and podcasts, I will cover how to build an
OutlierStartup, the Outlier360 Way.

We will discuss:

  • Friction
  • How OutlierLearning works
  • OutlierTeaching
  • How to Attract great People
  • How an OutlierOffer works (several posts, and podcasts)
  • Look at Toyota (several posts, and podcasts)
  • Look at the US Marine Corps (several posts, and podcasts)
  • How OutlierMotivation works?
  • ?and many more things?

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?and I will tell how I am using these principles to start
an OutlierStartup?from scratch?with no list, or any social media following?

Thank you for now?
and by the time you hear this, or read this, there are likely many of the above pieces out.